HYB Diving is proud to announce we are a dealer for all Atlantic Diving products.

This company is located in Bowie Maryland USA and offers the highest quality harnesses and weight belts for the professionals. Atlantic Diving also offers historically correct weights for antique shallow water helmets. These are cast for Atlantic Diving, by skilled craftsmen, at a professional foundry.


Shallow water helmet weights may be purchased directly from HYB Diving. 

Morse shallow water helmet.
Front and back cast into weights. Back weight not shown.
About 18 lbs. each. "Set of 2"


Miller Dunn style I
Set of four with copper clips cast in each weight.


Miller Dunn style II
Set of four with copper clips cast in each weight.


Miller Dunn style III
Front weight about 7 lbs. Rear weight about 19 lbs. "Set of two" 


Atlantic Diving has the exclusive rights to produce the famous Craftsweld, Ellsberg jetting nozzle.
Shades of On The Bottom, over 8 pounds of beautifully cast and machined bronze.
Still used by Navy and commercial divers.
 Adapters, if needed.


MKXXI Intergrated Diving Vest #16509

Designed by the U.S.N. Fleet Master Diver
Authorized Navy Use


* New Reinforced backpack thatís thicker
* 80 CF bail out tank is secured by two cam lock devices w/ velcro. A
  safety strap w/ stainless D-rings, installed under the tank.
* 8-5 lb. Weight pouches, w/ brass drain holes. Pouched  made        heavy
ballistic cloth
* Each weight pouch has a nexus snap,
backed up w/ velcro enclosure
* Adjustable 1-1/2" chest strap
* Heavy stainless adjusters are made
in-house, for shoulder straps &   jock. They are not of the scuba variety.
* Highest quality 2" x 1/8" nylon webbing
* Stainless steel, hand set revets, and backup plates
* Stainless D-rings w/ stainless welded joints
* The highest quality materials and workmanship in the commercial industry

Standard Harness - SH-100                                                                                   Bell Harness - BH-200

This harness has two front D-rings and one rear for air hook up. This provides a means to secure the diving hose, without strain to the mask or helmet.

Extra D-rings mounted on chest straps are options. Heavy stainless belt adjusters are optional

This harness is set up for Bell diving, w/ rear upper D-ring for emergency lifting of divers. Two front D-rings provide hook ups for air, or gas hose. A heavy duty belt adjuster is provided for the optional jock strap.

Stock sizes for harnesses:


32" - 42" chest


38" to 46" chest


42" - 52" chest

Special sizes may be ordered for all harnesses

Back Pack - BP-400                                                                                Bell, Back Pack Harness
                                                                                                               ( BHBP - 700 )

Identical to the Bell Back Pack but without the vertical webbing on the back pack and without the upper rear D-ring and the belt adjuster. The 5/16" thick back pack is 2 ply nylon, reinforced rubber, punched to accept a bail out bottle using stainless bands or 2" cam locks.

All harnesses and weight belts come standard w/ our 2" by 1/8" thick Dura-soft nylon webbing, at no extra charge.

This harness is set up for Bell or surface supply diving w/ 2 front D-rings for hook up, plus an upper D-ring to facilitate emergency lifting of divers. A heavy belt adjuster is provided for using a jock strap if desired. The 5/16" thick back pack is 2 ply nylon, reinforced rubber, punched to accept stainless bands or our 2" Tank cam locks.

Harness options avaliable

DR Two extra D-rings rivited to chest straps
CS Chest straps installed with adjustable snap
JS-800 Jock Strap
SA-1000 Heavy duty stainless shoulder adjustments
16511 Atlantic cam lock tank straps - secure tank to backpack
I.D. Personalized I.D. tag installed - N/C

Weights and weight belts

Professional Weight Belt - WB-500

This belt is produced to give many years of rugged commercial use, w/ practicability and comfort in mind. The heavy 1/8" thick by 2" shoulder webbing, w/ heavy stainless adjusters are standard features at no additional cost. W/ all the shell type commercial dry suits, extra heavy Dura-soft webbing is essential for comfort and minimizing chafing. All metal components, w/ the exception of the weights and bronze buckle are non-magnetic 300 series stainless steel. The durable rubber belting is reinforced w/ 2 plys of nylon. Standard belt dimensions are, 48" long by 4-1/2" wide by ľ" thick.

The belt is adjustable for waist size :
weight requirements, and shoulder strap length.
Stainless rivets are used on all the shoulder straps instead of stitching, to meet OSHA requirements.

Quick Release Buckle

The quick release buckle is cast from manganese bronze, for marine environment use and strength. 300 series stainless
springs; spacers and pins are used on the closing and release mechanism. The buckle may be released easily while wearing
thick gloves or dry mitts. This buckle won't break, like some on the market today.

Professional Weight Belt Styles
Light          : equipped w/ 6, three lb. weights (18 lbs) - WB-500-18
Medium     : equipped w/ 5, five lb. weights (25 lbs) - WB-500-25
Heavy        : equipped w/ 4, eight lb weights (32 lbs) - WB-500-32

The belt assembly without weights, is approximately five pounds. Additional weight assemblies are available in 3, 5, and 8 lb. Blocks with backup plates, nuts and bolts.

For pricing information please contact HYB Diving.